Make the most of life...

The BRC is not just a fine sports club with recreational facilities, but a way of life that encourages you to hone your talents, relax your mind & body, and to spend quality time with family and friends. As such, the BRC offers its members a world of relaxation, entertainment and convenience...

 Welcome to the newly renovated fully air conditioned Centenary Bar, so called since it was first opened in 1896. A warm & inviting ambiance, splendidly stocked bar and wide screen TV, host to more than 30 guests at a time, allowing them to wine & dine in the lap of comfort as they watch their favourite game on TV.

 The fully air conditioned Redwood Lounge boasts of two splendid pool tables, where many a friendly challenge has been hailed. A well-stocked bar and a relaxed atmosphere makes more than 45 guests feel at home in the Lounge.

 The BRC Rooftop is perhaps one of the Club’s best-kept secrets. Its open-air, under-the-stars setting make it the ideal spot for a casual party or get-together, and can be arranged to any theme, whilst catering to more than 75 people. Billiard lounge will soon be relocated to Rooftop to play your game from the top of the world. 

 Monthly Theme Nights are another attraction for all the BRC members. Family Night, Hopper Night, Mongolian Night to Tombola Night, it’s all here and happening at the BRC. Check out the Events Calendar to find out this month’s theme.

 The annual BRC Kiddies’ Christmas Party is perhaps one of the most renowned and best parties hosted by a Colombo clubhouse. Christmas wouldn’t be the same for many kids without the extra magic and sense of excitement that the BRC Xmas Party adds to their lives. Moreover, throughout the year, all BRC members’ kids have unlimited access to a well-equipped kiddie’s corner, which provides them with entertaining and games to keep them happily engaged.

If you are in the mood and want to feel the cool breeze caress you as you enjoy a chilled drink on the lawn, go ahead. The BRC Management can make the necessary arrangements to make your wish come true.

With the desire to please and to provide its members with more entertainment and relaxation options to choose from, the BRC is happy to announce a few of its ‘Future Plans’...

A Family Lounge right opposite Centenary Bar will make you relaxed while watching TV, or having a quiet chat or even reading your favorite book while chilling out with a drink from Cocktail Bar.

A secluded Open Bar next to the club house an excellent dine-in and wine-in ambiance, complete touch of colonial flavor overlooking the lush green complemented by a commendable array of delicious cuisine and a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

Proposed Presidential Lounge will allow you more luxurious gathering with your near and dear to entertain the night.

All rest rooms are being renovated to high standards and the front area of the club will be refurbished to bring back that Colonial Glory.

An ATM Arcade, complete with 5 fully-operative, 24-7-365 ATM machines will be close at hand, making life that much easier for you.

 The New Wing, a 4-storied structure named after our long standing president Mr. Jayantha Paranathala that overlooks the grounds has been completed. This New Wing comes complete with an international standard dressing room, state-of-the-art facilities. The ground floor is reserved for all the Officials present during the game, whilst the 2nd and 3rd floors have been given to entertainment companies where they host highly famous "VOICE" and "FDOS".

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