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Inaugural Committee Members 1896/97


It is their vision for tomorrow that we live today.
The BRC has a rich tradition of exemplary individuals who brought both honour and charm to the Club and all its activities. It is their vision and determination of the yesteryear that has lent the BRC its effervescent and charismatic presence of today.
 The inaugural members of the BRC were:
 A.W. Raffel (Who presided over the meeting) | Colvin Kelaart | H.O. Poppenbeek | Charles Alwis | Charles La Brooy | A.W. Metzeling | Lloyd de Krester (snr.) | Norman Oorloff | Harry Dickman | Lovell Mack | A.W. Andree | R.A. Bohier (jnr.) | E.O. Claessen | Sam de Heer | Cyril Foenander | H. Ismail | E. Jansz | W. Joseph | Peter Paul Jansz | C. Keyt | W. Ludekers | A. Naganatan | J.P. Pompeus | Justin Rode | Fred Toussaint | A.C. Van Culenburg | Ernest Vandort | A.C. Solomons | Thomas Joseph | E. Brohier |
 The inaugural Committee of Management were:
 President: A.W.Raffel
 Cricket Captain: Colin Kelaart
 Secretary: H.O. Poppenbeck
 Treasurer: Charles Alvis
 Ground Secretary: Charles La Brooy
 Committee: A.W. Metzeling
  : Lloyd de Krester (snr.)
  : Norman Oorloff
  : Harry Dickman
  : Lovell Mack
 Two of the BRC’s most distinguished members deserve special mention.
 Dr. V. R. Schokman
President of the BRC for 19 consecutive years (1922 to 1940), Dr. V.R. Schokman captained the BRC cricket team during the 1910, 1914, and 1915 seasons. His 118 runs scored against GPO in 1906 was the first century scored by a member of the BRC. During his tenure as president, a new pavilion was inaugurated in 1922. Dr. Schokman was elected Mayor of Colombo in January 1938, and re-elected the following year. Given his superior knowledge and outstanding lineage, his appointment as a Member of the Senate under the Soulbury Constitution was no surprise. He also served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Education for a short time. Later, he was appointed as a member of the House of Representatives by His Excellency the Governor General.
 Major General B. Russell Hyne
A hard-hitting batsman, a slow, medium-paced bowler and a brilliant cover fielder, Major General Russell Hyne was one of the finest sportsman produced by the country. President of the BRC from 1965 to 1976, he was a proud Royalist, and had the envious distinction of leading his country against the South Indian cricketers in 1947. Major General Russell Hyne is the only Sri Lankan cricketer to have taken the wicket of the great Sir Don Bradman at the Colombo Oval (now called the P. Saravanamuttu Stadium) in 1948. President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (BCCSL) in 1976/78, President of the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation (SLHF) 1964-66 and Vice President of the Ceylon Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (CO & CGA) are a few more of the titles and roles that Major General Russell Hyne played throughout his illustrious career as an outstanding sportsman and a great man.
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